Have you ever thought about the benefits of soft play for your child? Exploring all that soft play has to offer gives children vast opportunities to grow:

  • Socially – gaining confidence interacting with other children both playing imaginatively and negotiating potential conflict
  • Physically – pushing their physical boundaries in a safe environment, strengthening their muscles and increasing agility as they explore their surroundings. And importantly burning off energy and encouraging physical fitness.
  • Mentally – problem solving whilst navigating their way around and working out how various aspects of the soft play work.

And importantly having FUN in the process.

At Planet Play we have a variety of play equipment to encourage the children who visit Planet Play to benefit socially, physically and mentally. Our equipment and layout has been chosen with this in mind and to ensure a safe environment so Mums, Dads, family members and child minders can relax and enjoy Planet Play just as much.